The Leather Working Group

Male and female shoes pose together

Since the very beginning of our story in 1970, we recognised the importance of working with institutions that are both ethical and sustainable. After all, our aim then, and still today, is to build our name, our shoes and our integrity on foundations that stand the test of time.

The Leather Working Group is a not-for-profit organisation, responsible for the world’s leading environmental certification in the leather manufacturing industry.

Since 2005, the LWG has highlighted environmental best practices in the industry and ways this can be made better and better. They have a huge range of auditing tools, allowing them to test the environmental performance of leather manufacturing facilities and provide those that meet the best standards with a certification.

At Kickers, we only work with leather manufacturers that have been awarded this certification. It means that every leather product we create, from school shoes to the most-wanted new styles are all made from the most ethical and sustainable institutions. Pentland brands holds the UK license for Kickers footwear and apparel, if you want to learn even more about our best practices, you can read our most recent Positive Business report.



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