Who are Reskinned

Reskinned is our partner when it comes to extending a product’s life. They collect unwanted clothing and footwear and sort them by hand (old school, but it’s the best way). Depending on their condition, they’re then resold, repurposed or recycled. Reskinned are linking up existing solutions with new tech ideas to create more options for people and brands to rehome unwanted clothes. Through resale, repair and innovative recycling, they’re realising a more sustainable fashion future.

If they can be worn again, they will. Reskinned make any repairs and clean up anything before it hits their resale platform or pop-up events. To find out more head to their website.
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Why we're on Reskinned

 At Kickers, we’ve always prioritised making quality footwear. But sizes and style change – YOU change – and that shouldn’t mean there shouldn’t be a way to extend your shoe’s life. Through our partnership with Reskinned (and you, of course!) we’re extending the life of our products.

Once you send in your shoes, Reskinned will repair and recondition them for their new owner or recycle them. It doesn’t matter if your Kicks are in mint condition or have seen better days, Reskinned will make sure nothing goes to waste.

Send 1 pair back and receive £15 credit, 2 pairs back and receive £25. *Redeemable on a minimum spend of £60.

Keep them kicking

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Sustainability at Kickers

We’re working hard behind the scenes to reimagine a better way of making footwear. We’ve set ourselves some ambitious goals –and are constantly evolving and innovating in our ways of working, choice of materials, and how we build a diverse, accepting and creative space for our communities.

We realise there’s a lot to be done, but we’re committed to continually challenging ourselves to do better. As we learn more about resource circularity, we’re excited to offer more ways to give our products another life. Where others see problems, we see opportunities to find solutions.

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