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Enter the Kickers Collective Competition now for your chance to win!

2022-05-19 15:18:31 By Kickers

Kickers sustainable school shoes


Sustainability at Kickers

We’re experts in creating footwear that’s both durable and showcases your personality, however we still have a lot to learn when it comes to sustainability. Our promise to you is that we are on the right track and doing work behind the scenes to reduce our impact on the environment

2021-11-11 09:22:15By Kickers

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12 Days of Kickers

This Christmas, we've got 12 competitions prepared for you. Don't miss out!

2021-12-01 13:16:03By Kickers

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Hello Kitty x Kickers DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Making your own wrapping paper is a great school holiday activity before Christmas. Plus, it ends up much cheaper and more personalised than buying regular paper!

2021-12-14 13:42:52 By Kickers