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How Long School Shoes Should Last

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Each back-to-school season brings with it that familiar thought: ‘How on earth does my child need new school shoes, again?’.

Your children’s school shoes are already frayed and falling apart, and yet it seems like it was only yesterday since you were queuing for them in your local shoe store. The prospect of being back there is an exciting one, right?

Wrong. At Kickers, we’re all about durability and longevity (and, not to brag, but we have the technology to prove it) and we want to rescue you from any unnecessary shopping trips. So, we’re breaking down how long school shoes should last and the ways we reinforce our kicks to make them playground safe. With our advice, they’ll be kicking around for a long time.

What are the Best School Shoes?

We know that a range of factors can affect you and your child’s choice of footwear. But what’s the most crucial criterion? Is it the material? The fastenings? The style?

Well, for us, it all comes down to staying power: durable school shoes are the best school shoes. We’re here to tell you that a good quality and hard-wearing pair should last until they simply grow out of them (there isn’t any technology that can halt that quite yet, unfortunately).

Our School Shoe Technology

We’ve rigorously tested our range of boys’ and girls’ school shoes to ensure they’re optimised to protect active feet – big and little. Our reinforced stitching, padded heel collars and strengthened fastenings make our school shoes perfectly playground-proofed and built to last.

These features – as well as our reduced weight outsoles – also ensure that your child’s feet stay cushioned all day long (as we all know that running through corridors and defending football titles can take a toll). Comfort is king, so look out for styles which have extra padding on the ankle collars like our Kick Hi Roll, Stomper or Tovni Trip. They’re tough on the outside but super soft inside.

A day of tearing up the playground can quickly result in a war-torn pair of kicks. However, we have four magical words to put your mind at ease: scuff-resistant school shoes. Our range is designed with ‘wear and tear zones’ that use materials built to handle all those daily scrapes and scuffs and keep shoes looking great (though this is based on fair use). If your child is especially active, we recommend either our Stomper or Scuff styles as they sport reinforced toe and heel bumpers. Our anti-scuff technology isn’t too good to be true, we promise.

Okay, let’s talk about smell. It’s no secret that sweaty young feet have a particular aroma. You can rest assured that our active anti-odour technology will help to keep bacteria at bay and prevent any unfavourable scents from building up.

Every day is a school day, so did you know that all our Infant and Junior school shoes feature sock liners printed with half a flower on each sole. When placed together, they form a full flower which helps little ones learn their left and right. Genius, right?

Black patent T Bar School Shoes in the centre of a white background

Woah, that’s a lot of jargon! Shall we move to something a little… aesthetically pleasing? We know that the visual element is important when considering school shoes – after all, they’re your child’s chance to express their individuality and liven up an otherwise plain school uniform.

We know how long school shoes should last, but we also know that trends evolve, and tastes change over time. However, the timeless design of our back-to-school shoes means there’s no risk of any outdated styles here.


What are School Shoes Made Of?

The best school shoes that stay spotless and resist ruin aren’t made from hopes and dreams. At Kickers, our school shoes are constructed from premium leather and high-quality materials that offer support and mould to the foot for the best fit possible.

If leather school shoes aren’t quite your thing, we boast a wide range of vegan leather school shoes.

Keen to learn more about our vegan leather range? Explore our guide to the ins and outs of our revolutionary school shoe material here!

Our Vegan Range


Our Vegan Range

Our ‘Back to School’ collection goes plant-based.

2023-08-02 10:00:28By Kickers

How to Label School Shoes

We get it, it’s all well and good for us to utilise this wonderful technology without acknowledging one of the main causes of high back-to-school shoe turnover: loss.

They can be as durable as possible, but if your child misplaces their school shoes or if they’re picked up and worn by a classmate by mistake, there’s a slim chance of getting those kicks back. That means you’ll be back in the queue at your local shoe store.

To save yourself the hassle of the mysteriously vanishing school shoes, simply inscribe your child’s name and class on their shoe’s inner collar or insole with a bold marker pen. That way, if those kicks ever go walkabout, or end up discarded amongst a mountain of lost lunchboxes, misplaced PE kits and wandering water bottles – the handy little label should make it significantly easier to keep tabs on them.

Unless, you know, they do magically sprout legs and run off as your child would have you believe.


Black leather school shoes point left in the shot

And there you have it! The complete lowdown on our school shoe technology, and all the thought and care that goes into designing and manufacturing our iconic back-to-school shoes. If you were wondering how long school shoes should last throughout your child’s time in education, we hope we’ve put your mind at ease and convinced you to spend your Saturday doing something a little more fun.

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