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Yvadney’s Top Picks for Back to School

Yvadney holding a Kickers shoe and smiling

In a world of never ending black school shoes, it can often be difficult to pick what shoes, better yet what Kicks, are best for your little one’s feet!

At Kickers we celebrate individuality and know how important it is to find the right shoe to suit your child’s personality and interests. That’s why we teamed up with Yvadney Davis, of @MumsThatSlay, to bring you a Kickers Back to School Master Class on IGTV. In the Masterclass, Yvadney took us through her top picks for boys and girls from our 2021 Back to School range. As well as this, she also shared fun and interesting ways to style each of the shoes depending on the season and weather!

Boys Top Picks

Tovni Twin Flex

“What I love about this style is not only how smart it is, but how sporty it is and how comfortable it is. I know that he will be able to run around play football, climb on climbing frames, play basketball and still look smart… This shoe is actually my son’s favourite!”

Tovni Lacer

“This is giving me 100% plimsole vibes but in leather! And as with the other Tovni shoes, they are really flexible, good support and really good grip!”

Kick Hi Zip

“This is the iconic Kicker style, so you are really going to look cool! I really do think if you can do things that make it easier for kids to get their shoes on, then just do it, and what I love about these shoes is the zip at the side.”

Girls Top Picks

Tovni Brogue T-Bar

“Patent shoes are always sweet, and it also has the toe protector on the front and a really nice chunky sole- T Bar’s are also almost always cuter and the brogue detail is really beautiful.”

Kick Hi Heart

“Patent is your friend. It just looks so great and so shiny with the lovely diamante details on the strap. The secret detail is that the shoe has a love heart detail all over the shoe! My daughter didn’t notice them at first and when she did, she said they were her magic boots!”

Bridie Heart Mary Jane

“These really are special. They look great and I love that they have anti-odour technology and you have good grip and also has this great detail on the sole.  The shoes are also flexible which is an added bonus and have this beautiful stitch love heart on the front!”

Yvadeny’s Styling tips!

Sports Socks

  • Bring in the school colours with a cool style sport sock.

Bring in Some Texture with Socks and Tights

  • Chunky table knit tights for winter.
  • Ribbed Knee high tights that have some added details like hearts or laces.

Classic Ankle Socks

  • Can’t go wrong with a classic, sleek look and pair your Kicks with an ankle socks.
  • Or you can bring some detail to the ankle with a frilly sock.

Fancy watching the IGTV? Check it out here.



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