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The National Saturday Club

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We want to spread word on the street about one of our favourite initiatives – The National Saturday Club. This great club for 13–16-year-olds was created to teach and inspire students all about the creative industry. All club members are able to attend free local classes every Saturday for up to 30 weeks of the year – created and lead by professional tutors who encourage each and every one of the kids to experiment and try a range of activities and practices.

We’re SO happy to collaborate with NatSatClub because it means giving our younger generation that golden opportunity to study subjects they love for free, in their local uni, college or cultural institution. We want to inspire and instil a little curiosity in their minds, ready to let them achieve the best of themselves. ‘Cos after all – they’re the future.

Kickers have taken part in two National Saturday Club masterclass sessions – our most recent 2021 class focused on our own Kickers marketing activations and consumer profiling. Over 70 students joined us virtually from around the country, creating customer profile mood boards and marketing plans (which were REALLY good, I think you’d agree?!) which in turn gave them the skills and knowledge to let them start out on careers in the creative industry. And who knows, one day we might have inspired a club member enough to come and join the ranks in our Kickers’ marketing team!?

Katie Greenyer, Saturday Club Trustee and Creative Talent and Network Director for Pentland Brands says:

We love working with the young people at The National Saturday Club because they ideate incredible concepts, you can feel the energy of their creative minds, working as we set them loose on the brief. Pentland have been hosting Masterclasses for 9 years now and the Kickers virtual marketing challenge was Incredible. It’s such a brilliant way to engage with our consumers, for them to inspire us to think differently about the way we design & market our Kickers footwear. A massive thanks to the Kickers Team for partnering with us and making this one of our best events yet.

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