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Ladyland Art Club’s Back to School Morning Checklist

The Kickers back to school morning checklist

As we get closer to Back to School, the first day back can often be a daunting, and lets face it stressful, time! That’s why we’ve teamed up with Emma Scott-Child from Ladyland Art Club to help create a fun crafts project you and the kids can enjoy doing!

On this IGTV session, Emma took us through step by step on how to create your very own Back to School Morning Checklist. So pens and paper at the ready… why not give it a go and make those Back to School mornings something to look forward too!

You Will Need:

  • Piece of Card
  • Pen or Pencil to Write and Draw With
  • Coloured Highlighters
  • 30cm Piece of String or Wool
  • Ruler
  • Scissors (Please supervise children using scissors, or preferably, if parents could cut the paper for them)
  • Tape

Step 1
Grab your sheet of cardboard and fold the page so that there is 2 inches of paper left over the top. Then fold this over the top so it forms a loose envelope.

Hands folding Kickers Back to School Morning Checklist

Step 2
Now you need to think of what you will be doing each morning and count how many activities we need to
check off, these will become the tabs that you fold up once they are done.
For example, Emma has 6 activities her children need to complete each morning, so she has made 6 tabs:

1) Make Your Bed
2) Get Dressed
3) Feed the Cat
4) Have Breakfast
5) Brush Your Teeth
6) Put on Your Shoes and Grab Your School Bag

Now measure out our tabs with a ruler on the bottom half of the card and rule a line where each one will be cut.

Ruler drawing through Kickers Back to School Morning Checklist

Step 3
If parents could please help or supervise children when doing this next step. We’re now going to cut the bottom of the card so that it creates foldable tabs. This is so when the kids have finished each task, they can fold them under and mark it as done!

Scissors cutting the Kickers Back to School Morning Checklist

Step 4
Here comes the fun bit! Grab your pens and highlighters as we are going to draw each activity in the boxes. Remember to think of the order you will be doing this in! Also don’t forget to fold down the top and write ‘Getting Ready for School’ on the top!

Pen drawing out the Kickers Back to School Morning Checklist

Step 5
Last bit! Now grab your string and loop it under the flap, this is so you can hang it on their door or in the kitchen- where ever you would like! Simply fold the flap over the string and secure the sides with tape.

Hands place string around Kickers Back to School Morning Checklist

And you’re done! Tag us in your creations with @kickerskidsuk.





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