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Magic Breakfast

Young girl smiles with breakfast infront of her

We’re here to support you and your family from the very beginning – we’re ready for you to write your story with Kickers. From their very first steps in our baby-sized Kicks to them showing off in their fave school shoes, we’ll be here through it all. We want to give that same support to every family but realise every family needs help in different ways. That’s what’s driven us to support our friends at the Magic Breakfast Club, and to help spread awareness of their cause. ‘Cos everyone deserves a shoulder to lean on. 

Magic Breakfast Club exists to make sure no child in any of their partner schools goes hungry. They provide healthy breakfasts and expert support to those pupils who need it the most. Without their help, a hungry child won’t be able to concentrate at school and could miss out on half a day of lessons every school day if they’re not given anything to eat in the morning. We don’t think it’s right that any child has to go hungry or miss out on essential learning – and that’s why in 2021 we supported by donating the equivalent of 30,000 breakfasts.

Magic Breakfast Club work with over 1,000 primary, secondary, ASL/Special Educational Needs schools and Pupil Referral Units in the UK – that means offering a good breakfast and start to the day to over 170,000 children, every single school day.

To find out more information about the work the Magic Breakfast do, to donate online, or to find additional support at Magic Breakfast Club website.



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