Shoe Care

White shoes in the centre of a concrete floor

Sharing is caring, and caring will keep your Kickers looking great. So, without further ado, we’d like to share our *not so secret* secrets on how you can keep your brand-new pair of Kicks looking at the top of their game!

  • First things first, you can clean most styles by gently rubbing clean with a damp cloth.
  • You heard it here first – avoid using polish on patent leather and rubberised leather styles.
  • You can, however, polish away on our standard leather styles. But before you go shoe shining, make sure they’re clean and dry!
  • Keep your Kicks away from artificial heat (we’re talking radiators and heaters), this might crack and damage the leather (and we definitely don’t want that!)
  • Kickers in your washing machine is a big no no!
  • Got a pair of suede or nubuck styles? Brush gently with a soft brush, nubuck eraser or ultra-soft abrasive paper to keep them looking good
  • Difficult stains? No worries – try a neutral leather shampoo for a deep clean. For suede and nubuck styles the colour may slightly run but you can revive it with a colour protecting spray.
  • Sometimes colours may run onto socks or feet, especially with unlined leather. Don’t sweat it – just apply a thin layer of waterproofing or colour-stop spray and you’re onto a winner.
  • For closed shoes, pop them on with a shoehorn and always undo your laces or buckles when taking them on and off, this will help keep their signature shape

And there you have it, all the TLC your Kicks need to stand the test of time, now go out and enjoy them.



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