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Ever looked at a product online, and not been sure about whether to buy a product. We have the perfect tool to help you make that decision – customer ratings and reviews. Find out, from other customers who have bought Kickers, what they liked (or didn't like) about our shoes. If you don't have the time to read all of the comments, you can use the five star ratings as a guide.

Kick Styly Shoe

We work with Reevoo to collate reviews, so you can rest assured that they are authentic and unbiased. All reviews have been verified as actual purchasers, and have gone through a moderating process.

If you are still not sure about whether to buy those Kicks that you have your eye on, or have a burning question about a product. You can select the “Ask An Owner” button found next to the product rating, and get feedback from a fellow customer.

Does this all sound really helpful to you? Don’t forget to fill in your post-purchase questionnaire, which you can expect to receive 14 days after you place an order. You can help someone else make an informed and perfect purchase, and…if you really want to shout about how great our shoes are, why not sign up to answer questions from customers too.

Reevoo reviews and ratings are widely available on our product pages and reviews are always on the way for our latest products.


Once you have received your shiny new pair of Kickers in the post, look out for the Reevoo Email in your inbox (14 days after purchase). The email will ask you if you want to recommend the product.

If you click 'yes' you will be automatically directed to where you can start to write your review, and this takes less than five minutes to complete.

Take your time when you are filling in the text boxes labelled for positive and negative feedback at the end of the questionnaire. Although a star rating is helpful, it is even more helpful for other customers if you leave a comment. Think about what surprised or delighted you about your purchase, or similarly anything that disappointed. From the fit of the shoe? the colour? Whether a son or daughter liked the shoe? Is it durable? We are sure this information would have been useful for you, and will certainly be useful for our future customers.

All reviews that are submitted are moderated for appropriate language, so don’t worry any personal details that have been entered by accident or irrelevant comments will not be published on the website.

NOW FOR SOME STATS (and Customer Service)

As well as rating our products, when you receive our post-purchase questionnaire, you will also be asked about the level of service you received. You can see the most up to date stats and feedback below. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service; but let us know your opinions, and how we can make our great service even better.