Young Womens Trust

Young Women’s Trust

 (a charity registered in England and Wales, number 217868).

The Kickers team believe that whether you’re a school kid, big kid or a grown-up there are many people in our society who need support to reach their potential and build resilience & strong mental health. Kickers has always brought tribes together, believing in the power of the collective to bring about change and our aim is to be there for the most vulnerable members of society.


Across the UK an increasing number of young women are struggling to deal with the financial, academic, and emotional pressures of early adult life. Our partnership with the Young Women’s trust aims to help as many young women as possible, aged 18 – 30, ease the burden of this tricky phase in life, and provide them with a solid plan for that next step after school.


Young Women's Trust are passionate about unlocking career potential, promoting economic equality, challenging everyday sexism, and ensuring women across the UK use their voice for good. Their vision and mission is young women having the freedom to choose secure work that fosters their talents and pays them fairly. As a result, society will prosper because young women's contributions are valued. That sounds like a win-win to us! 


The focus areas of Young Women’s Trust are:

  • Coaching
  • Feminist research and publications 
  • Job application / CV help
  • Mental Health Advice
  • Employment support fund

To help young women across the country the Kickers team are donating a percentage of sales of our Kickers x Confetti Crowd collaboration to Young Women’s Trust so that they can continue their great work.

This partnership is something we really believe in - watch out for future partnerships between Kickers & YWT, this is the first of many!


Want to know more about how Young Women’s Trust could help you or someone you care about? Check out their website now.