The Kickers guide to cookies (not the choc chip variety)

Like most websites, ours uses cookies to improve the way it shows you things, and to make access easier for you. Cookies are small files of letters or numbers that, with your permission, we put on your computer. Some stay on it for a while, others disappear the minute you close the browser.

Here are the three cookie varieties we use to help improve your experience on

Session cookies

are like a token, recording things like page or product selections as you move through the site, so you don’t keep getting asked about things you’ve already told us. Session cookies (and the information they record) are erased when you close your browser after a surfing session.

Tracking cookies

help us remember your details and settings for when you come back to our website in the future, which means you get easier, faster access. They stay on your hard drive until you delete them or they expire (they have various expiry dates).

Web analytics cookies

help us learn what content is most helpful for our users. They count the number of visitors, and then look at how they like to move around the site. This data helps us make your experience of the site much better, because we’ll know the sort of things you look for and can make sure you find them easily.

3rd Party cookies

VE Global UK Limited — to help make the ads you see after browsing our website more relevant and interesting to you, VE Global UK Limited uses cookies. These cookies allow us to show you our advertisements on websites across the internet based on your past activity on our website and personalise what you see while browsing our website. Click here to see Ve’s Cookie policy to see how your personal data is processed. To opt out visit: VE Global UK Limited: How to opt-out of our use of your personal information.

A few more crumbs of cookie-related info…

No nasties

Remember, our cookies don’t store information that can identify you, so no one will be able to contact you by phone, email or in any other way. Tracking is limited to the Kickers site and never gets shared with anyone else.

Put the lid on the jar!

You can block cookies – just activate the setting on your browser that allows you to refuse them. Please note, if you block all cookies you may not be able to access all of the site, and you might not be able to shop with us!

Good for you

If your browser is set to accept cookies, our system will issue them when you visit the site – which is good because ultimately we want you to have the best possible experience whenever you visit

Well done for getting through a tasty little guide to cookies… we reckon you’ve earned yourself a nice cup of tea and a choc chip cookie. Or two.

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