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Shoe Care

Keep Your Footwear Looking Fab In Four Easy Steps!

Kickers shoes and boots don’t just look and feel great – they're built to last. And, with a little TLC, you can make sure your favourite shoes and boots go on working hard – and looking good – for many seasons to come. Just follow our simple, four-step guide:

1. Clean

2. Care

3. Protect

4. Deodorise

Remove loose dirt with a cloth or brush and use a good quality cleaning product on stains.

Keep your Kickers in great shape with a nourishing conditioning cream or polish.

Shield against rain and everyday stains with a spray protector. Spray new shoes before wearing for maximum protection – a must for suede and nubuck finishes!

Keep your Kickers smelling sweet with a footwear deodorant spray.

How to Care for Different Fabrics!

Smooth And Grained Leather

  • Dust the shoe using a soft brush or a slightly damp cloth.
  • Nourish smooth leather with a cream polish such as Cherry Blossom Leather Cream or Scuff Cover. Apply gently in a circular motion, being careful to avoid contact with parts of the shoe that are a different colour (like contrast panels, laces or stitching).
  • Leave for a few minutes until the shoes look dull and matt, and then buff with a clean brush to bring out the shine.
  • Always allow to dry properly before wearing.
  • Polish with a wool cloth.

Nubuck And Suede

  • Brush gently with a soft brush, a nubuck eraser or ultra soft abrasive paper.
  • For persevering stains you can use a neutral leather shampoo to clean the leather in depth.
  • With suede and nubuck suede shoes, the colour may run. You can revive the colour by using a protecting colour spray.

Oiled Leather

  • Polish occasionally with good quality, neutral wax or a leather cream patent care spray for metallic patent finishes.
  • Remove stains with ultra-fine abrasive paper.
  • After a while your Kickers will take on a rustic look (like a vintage French wine, some things just get better with age).