Our Story

Our Story

What makes us kick? Good question – and you've come to the right place to find out. In a nutshell, we're an iconic brand dedicated to creating confident, stylish footwear that anyone can wear. Read on to find out more about our brand values, heritage and the shoe that started it all…

1. WHAT WE DO Confident footwear

Kickers is an iconic, global fashion brand that makes unique footwear for confident, style-savvy people.

We’re proud of our reputation for creating high-quality leather boots and shoes with an unmatched comfort and attention to detail – and for our unmistakably Kickers approach to life and style: classic, relaxed, relevant… and accessible to all.


2. ROOTS Born from denim

We’ve built a loyal following around the world over since starting our footwear revolution in 1970 – that’s the year that Kickers was born, when French fashion visionary Daniel Raufast created a new style of casual boot designed specifically for wearing with jeans.

We’re immensely proud of our rich pedigree – and the way that Kickers has captured the imagination of successive generations of music and fashion lovers.

The Kick Hi, our most popular design and a worldwide style icon, has a very special place in our hearts. It was first produced in 1975, and is still going strong today – taking pride of place in our collection. Take your pick from a fabulous range of Kick Hi styles for men, women and children – from classic colours to new-season finishes. SHOP THE KICK HI

3. TIMELINE A triple-stitch in time


Daniel Raufast, inspired by the revolutionary spirit of Parisian students – and, according to legend, a poster for the musical Hair – creates the first Kickers boot. This radical new style of footwear is made of nubuck leather but ‘born from denim’, paying homage to the favoured material of the freewheeling peace-and-love generation. Its unique features – contrast triple stitching, engraved eyelets, the logo ‘hot-branded’ on the back of the shoe, and of course the Kickers ‘fleurette’ – remain classic emblems of the brand to this day.


The Kick Hi, which becomes Kickers’ most popular design, is launched as the first UK store opens on King’s Road. Famous fans – including Roger Daltrey, Elton John and David Bowie – help Kickers secure its place in rock ’n’ roll history.


Acid house sweeps the nation, and Kickers gains a foothold in a new musical era as ravers take to the fields in their red Kick Hi boots.


When rave culture and indie-rock collide to create the Madchester scene, the Kick Hi remains the footwear of choice. The Stone Roses can be seen wearing them in the Fools Gold video.


Kick Hi wearers Noel Gallagher and Jarvis Cocker affirm the status of the Kick Hi for the next generation of music lovers – inspired by the past but creating a completely new cultural scene: Brit Pop.


The Kick Hi enjoys a new lease of life as urban artists Ms Dynamite, So Solid Crew and Rodney P work the Kickers look in a totally fresh way.


Proving that real style never goes out of fashion, a fresh wave of guitar bands – Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys and The Enemy – rock their Kickers with pride.


Mike Skinner of The Streets performs at Glastonbury wearing a brown pair of Kick Hi boots. Meanwhile, Kickers teams up with LEGO® to create the first generation of LEGO® Kickers shoes. 2010 Kickers marks its 40th birthday.


kickers.co.uk site relaunched with a fresh new look and feel – and a brand new blog.



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