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The Shoelaces guide is only available on Desktop and Tablet devices.

Tying your shoelaces can be a tricky skill to master! We want your kids to be able to wear their Kickers with confidence and tackle the issue of tying the laces head on! We’ve put together a visual guide to tying shoelaces so you can practice with your child and have them tying their shoelaces like a pro!

Make sure the shoe is on a flat surface if you’re not wearing the shoe to demonstrate

Take both laces and thread one lace over the other and pull to create a basic knot

Make a loop (or a bunny ear!) with one of the laces between your thumb and forefinger

Use the other hand to wrap the other lace around the loop. It should be looped above your fingers and around the first bunny ear

Pull the shoelace through the hole with your free hand to form another bunny ear

Hold both loops and pull them tight!

If you’re looking for a new pair of Kickers shoes to practice on, take a look at our collection of Kids Kickers