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Healthy Feet

Whether we're hitting the gym or enjoying the great outdoors, we all understand the importance of keeping our bodies fit and healthy. However, there's one, very hardworking, part of the body that many of us tend to neglect: our feet!

Here at Kickers, we love to see happy feet in our shoes, so we've put together a quick guide to keeping your tootsies in tip-top condition. Read on for our five top foot health tips (plus some essential toe-wiggling exercises), info on finding the best-fitting shoes, and an insight into why our little Kicks are just so good for kids!

Three Top Tips
For Healthy Feet

Keep your feet clean and dry - be sure to get the towel between every toe after washing to avoid fungal infections and irritation.

Don't allow toenails to grow too long. Snip straight across (the shape should resemble a TV screen) - they can become ingrown if shaped like fingernails.

Regularly wiggle and separate your toes one by one. Whatever time of day, wherever you are and whatever your footwear you're wearing, you should always be able to wiggle your toes. Go on, give 'em a wiggle!

Easy Exercises For Everyone

Kids love to balance, so get them to practise their circus skill by 'walking the tightrope' - it's great exercise for their little feet. Roll out a line of ribbon or string and get your little ones to tiptoe to the end and then tiptoe backwards... if they fall off they have to start again. Also a good one for mums and dads to try too!

Strengthen weak ankles while sitting at your desk in the office or when watching TV by circling your foot (not your leg), first clockwise then anticlockwise. Go on, give it a whirl.

How To Ensure A Perfect Fit

Wear the right shoe for the right occasion. Buy your shoes before your outfit - they'll stay on longer and will be worn more often than your clothes. Comfortable feet will keep you smiling - and, remember ladies, high heels are NOT for walking long distances!

When do kids need their first pair of shoes? The simple answer is: when a child is walking most of the day and wants to walk outside, they need shoes to protect their little feet. Walking can happen between the ages of seven months and two years - and once they get going, they'll be no stopping them!

Choose shoes with a lace, strap or Velcro fastening. Not only do they make children's shoes extra fun, fastenings allow for finer adjustments giving a better overall fit.

Designing With Kids In Mind

1. Room to grow, naturally: age appropriate design and materials

2. Flexible, secure 'and difficult to destroy': ensuring comfort and durability

3. Happy feet = happy kids!