A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. . . .

A brand new collaboration : November 2015 Two universes collide to create a brand new empire of striking shoes. Iconic footwear brand Kickers collaborates with Star Wars to produce a collection that even a Wookiee would want to wear. Key characters – Darth Vader and Stormtroopers – have become boots. While Yoda, Darth Vader and TIE Fighters have been hand drawn onto the classic Kick Hi silhouette. The factory droids have developed a rare and secret 3D printing process, enabling a superior level of detail and clear bonds to the leather uppers. Fans of... Read More


Kick out the jams

Festival footwear for guys and girls A long summer of festival fun is just around the corner, so what better time to grab yourself a statement style to complement your gig-going getup? Whether you’re glamping at Glastonbury, vibing at V or livin’ it up at Leeds and Reading – we’ve got the perfect pair for you. Wellies? So 2014. Cool cuts  This summer, women’s trends are leaning towards sandals and cutout detailing. Combining both is the super-stylish Kick Trisandal, with standout silver uppers in leather and some fun transparent buckles... Read More

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OhBones are taking photos of Kickers shoes

OhBones are taking photos of Kickers shoes in their own unique way. The creative force behind the project is Brit, a talented illustrator, photographer and songwriter, who is drawing inspiration from her archeology studies and her work across the world, accompanied by Joe Sarah, a photographer , who shares Brit’s creative curiosity and has a lot to do with the outcome, ” its really our collaborative effort in post-production and he’s amazing” Brit says. ” OhBones is odd and thats what i want art projects to be, rather than just about fashion,  its about the oddness... Read More

Kickers are pleased to announce their much awaited collaboration with Topshop this spring/ summer ‘15 27/04/2015

Kickers colab with Topshop

Kickers are pleased to announce their much awaited collaboration with Topshop this spring/summer ‘15 Iconic footwear brand Kickers have teamed up with Topshop for an exclusive collection of summer sandals. With both brands sharing a desire for self-expression and confidence, this collection merges the heritage of the Kickers name with the fashion forwardness of the Topshop customer. Three rebellious new styles incorporate touches of animal print leathers, hiker eyelets and marbled soles.The unconventional cut-out silhouettes break from traditional women’s footwear, with the designers aiming to challenge traditional concepts of femininity.... Read More

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Celebrate four decades of Kick Hi with us! Follow #‎NeverMissABeat to find out what we’re getting up to and to share your Kickers stories. From 1969 to the present day, Kickers continues to define a culture-hungry generation. In 2015, Kickers celebrate the 40th anniversary of their legendary style icon, the Kick Hi. Kickers has been the heart and continual pulse across the story of subculture and style over the last four decades and it has never missed a beat. Since its inception in France, the Kick Hi has found itself... Read More

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Love Hearts by Kickers Collection

We hope you’re feeling romantic, as this season two of Britain’s best-loved brands are getting it together to create one very special collection. Kickers has teamed up with retro sweetie-makers Swizzels Matlow to create a delightfully delicious range of styles, all inspired by their most iconic treat, Love Hearts. It’s a match made in heaven alright! Our amazing designers have added a real sugar-boost to the Spring-Summer collection, conjuring up their childhood nostalgia for Love Hearts to produce five fresh, quirky designs. There are lots of exciting details to explore,... Read More