Playground Games Then & Now

Playground Games

Ah the 80s, those were the good old days, right? It may seem as if it were yesterday for some, but for many parents with little ones in primary school now the playground is a very different place. Yet while the playground rules may have changed, two things remain: imagination and Kickers. We’ve taken a look at how playground games have changed throughout the years, looking back at how parents played as children in Kickers, and how their children play now!


1984 – British Bulldog (Aaron, 40)

“The best game on the playground at the time, probably because it was one of the rougher ones, was British bulldog. We’d split into two teams with two ‘bulldogs’ in the middle and have to run between the teams without being caught. Of course a lot of the time it became a good excuse to practice your rugby tackling skills but it was a great laugh – not surprised most playgrounds started banning it though! My kids would never be allowed to play it at their school.”


1988 – Stuck In The Mud (John, 35)

“A popular yet rudimentary game, stuck in the mud was a tag based game that required kids to run around until they became tagged by whoever was ‘it’, at which point they’d have to stand still as if “stuck in the mud” until a team member tagged them back to life. A classic at our school!”


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1996 – What Time Is It Mr Wolf? (Claire, 23)

“One of the most intense games I can remember is what time is it Mr Wolf. We had to line up in a row with one person way ahead in front of us who was the ‘wolf’, then we had to shout ‘what time is it Mr Wolf’ and whatever time it was, we took that many steps towards them until they eventually shouted ‘dinnertime!’ and we all ran away screaming as they tried to catch us! It was so stressful but so hilarious to look back on.”


2002 – Skipping Rhymes (Kat, 19)

“We used to play loads of skipping games but most of them involved counting. One of them was ‘Mickey Mouse, Built a house, How many bricks, Did he use’ then you’d count how many skips you could do. The harder ones were when one or more of us had to jump in at the same time, we never managed to get that right!”


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2010 – Jurassic Park (Jake, 13)

“Me and my friends used to love playing Jurassic Park – some of us were dinosaurs and others were people and we had to run and hide from the dinosaurs but some of the dinosaurs were particular types, so if someone was a T-Rex then you had to stand still because then they can’t see you.”


2016 – Scooter Boards (Fiona, 7)

“I really like the scooter boards at school, me and my best friend like playing cars and taxis and sometimes we play sharks and sailors and have to sail away from the sharks on our boats so they don’t catch us!”
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