Kickers 101: Class Is In Session

Kickers 101


Finding the perfect school shoes for your child is more than just a stylistic choice. Their school shoes need to be built with technologies that not only promote the comfort and longevity of the shoe, but also encourage the healthy growth of feet.


We at Kickers are committed to making sure that our school footwear incorporates all of these elements, but for you as parents to make the best and most healthy choices for your child, we know you need to understand the reasoning behind the fit and flair of a Kickers shoe.


Healthy Feet
First things first, it’s all about healthy feet. Children’s feet grow at a rapid pace and therefore require a shoe that’s firm yet flexible. However, some basic foot care can go a long way to ensuring safe and proper growth. We have three top tips that we recommend all kids and their parents follow for happy and healthy feet.


Top Tips for Healthy Feet


Maintain the healthy condition of your child’s feet with plenty of exercise and making sure that you choose school shoes with a perfect, kid-friendly fit!

Our Technologies
Once your feet are properly looked after, you want to make sure that you’re keeping your feet in tip top condition by choosing the right shoes. Here at Kickers we use a combination of innovative footwear technologies to ensure the best fit and longevity of wear.


Our school shoes are all made to these specifications so that your child can enjoy playing for even longer without worrying about wear and tear or discomfort.


We use Micro Fresh technology to reduce odour-causing bacteria, Cushion Foam technology for comfort, Scuff Resistant technology to keep the shoes looking better for longer, Shock-Absorbing technology for a lightweight feel, and our unique StayKlean technology to resist stains and water damage.

It wouldn’t be a class if we didn’t send you away with some homework! Study hard, and remember that Kickers are designed with your kids in mind!


Class Dismissed!

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