Back to School Budgeting With Kickers

Back to School Budgeting


When it comes to budgeting for sending your kids back to school, you can trust that Kickers have you covered. While many parents may scrabble around trying to find the cheapest school shoes, coats & bags and stationery supplies, we at Kickers know that if you buy it cheap, you’re very likely to buy it twice.


Let’s take a look at a couple of shopping lists from two different parents across a typical school year. Both parents are on a tight budget, and are looking to get the best prices for their child’s school supplies. However, parent one has chosen to invest in higher quality, and slightly more expensive, products at the beginning of the school year, while parent two has chosen to purchase the cheapest products they can find to ease the strain of their budget.


As we can see from their lists, parent one has chosen to spend more on a high quality school coat, Kickers school shoes, and a slightly more expensive school bag to ensure that their back to school products are more likely to last the full school year. Parent two has chosen low cost items which have needed replacing throughout the course of the school year due to their cheaper production and therefore higher risk of wear and tear.


While both parents have spent around the same on sending their child back to school, we see that parent one as actually made a saving by investing in higher quality products at the beginning of the back to school season.


At Kickers, you’re guaranteed a school shoe that can withstand all the strain your child can place upon it. Designed specifically with your child in mind, Kickers shoes are supportive and comfortable to prevent pain and promote proper foot growth, and are made with our special Kickers footwear technologies to make sure that they stay fresh, clean and scuff-free for longer than the average school shoe.






We have a fantastic range of school shoes available for kids of all ages in our School Footwear department, including a whole variety of different styles and fastenings to suit your child and keep them happy throughout the school year. Shop the School 2016 collection today and save yourself money this school year!


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