Mini Me Style



Here at Kickers we’re committed to designing footwear for all the family. From our iconic Kick Hi styles to our pop culture collections and classic shoe designs, we believe in style that Kickers fans of any age should be able to enjoy wearing. Throughout all of our footwear collections you’ll be able to find matching pairs of Kickers shoes and boots for fully grown Kickers fans to even the tiniest of Kickers lovers, Men, Women & Kids are all part of the Kickers family. We’ve put together a few of our favourite matching Kickers so you can style yourself and your little ones in the best and boldest footwear around.

Kick Hi

The iconic Kick Hi boot has been a longstanding staple of Kickers footwear. The Kick Hi has soaked up its fair share of British heritage over the years, making its big break on the music scene in the late eighties and nineties. Adored as a symbol of bold steps forward in both footwear and bold style, the Kick Hi can now be enjoyed by fans of all ages. This classic red Kick Hi takes some beating in popularity contests, but the Kick Hi is available in a whole range of classic colours and standout shades. Available for Men, Women & Kids from Kickers.


We understand that your Kickers have to be on trend, so we’re always changing and bringing out designs to suit the latest cultural and fashion movements as well as celebrating the roots of Kickers. Our limited edition Denim collection is the perfect example of this. Kickers was born from denim, so to celebrate our 40th anniversary we’ve brought this cool retro denim finish to the whole Kickers family from grown ups to kids!

Kick T Bar

When it comes to classic footwear, the T-Bar style is a timeless footwear design loved by women and girls alike! Whether you’re buying for kids or big kids, our Kick T-Bar designs are perfect for wearing to school or work, or even formal occasions, for a durable and smart looking Kickers shoe that offers the wearer on-trend comfort throughout the day.


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